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Sacramento's Most Eco-Conscious Cup of Coffee

Our Bellwether roaster is all-electric, and results in 80-90% lower carbon emissions compared to traditional gas-powered coffee roasting. Anchor & Tree is proud to be on track to save 30,000 pounds of carbon emissions in 2023 by roasting on one of the most eco-friendly roasters on the market today. 

What does zero-gas emissions mean? 

Most coffee is roasted using natural gas, which is heavily carbon-intensive. In this method, natural gas is burned at the source and spews CO2 directly into the air.  Our roaster runs purely on electricity, using an electric heating element which surrounds the roasting drum, achieving a more precise roast without using gas.

Because there is no smoke, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), or particulate exhaust, our roaster requires no additional ventilation or afterburner, thus considerably reducing the amount of energy required to power it.  We strongly stand by our motto: Better Coffee, Better World!

Coffee Plantation

Supporting a living wage and sustainable farms

80% of the world’s coffee farmers live below the poverty line and current prices paid to farmers are insufficient to meet farmers' basic needs. Anchor & Tree Coffee Roasting Co. is committed to purchasing green coffee from our importer, Bellwether, that utilizes Living Income Pricing to ensure farmers are paid a living wage.


When selecting our green coffees, we also focus on farms with sustainable practices. For example, our Ethiopia Acacia is grown on a farm in the Sidamo Region of Ethiopia that utilizes environmentally friendly depulping machinery, has a composting program, and dedicated waste-water treatment.

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