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About Our Company

Anchor & Tree Coffee Roasting Co. was founded in June 2022 by Donovan Albert. Donovan has always had a refined taste for only the best coffee. After working in the coffee industry, both as a Barista and as an Account Manager for a coffee roasting software company, he decided to launch his own roastery to share his knowledge and passion with others. As the company has grown, Donovan's husband, Casey, has also joined the team!


At Anchor & Tree Coffee Roasting Co., we roast our coffee on a Bellwether Coffee Roaster.  The Bellwether is an all electric, smart roaster that produces zero-gas emissions, while using smart technology to accurately roast our green coffee beans to perfection. 

When you order from Anchor & Tree or join the Coffee Club, you are not only supporting a small, locally-owned, LGBTQ-owned business, but you are also helping to reduce your carbon footprint, while drinking sustainable and fair-trade coffee from all over the world! 

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