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Wholesale Offerings

Are you ready to share Sacramento's best coffee with your customers or employees? Anchor & Tree Coffee Roasting is proud to offer wholesale pricing to businesses. A few benefits of our wholesale program are: discounted pricing, free training, free delivery in the Sacramento region, and hands-on customer service directly from the owners. 


Curate Your Coffee

It's time to stop drinking subpar coffee that is only drinkable when it's loaded with cream and sugar. Our coffees are roasted in small 6-pound batches and are finely crafted to draw out exquisite flavor notes. Choose from our standard offerings, or ask us about curated, custom coffee options that are unique to you!

Free Training

We offer free initial set-up training as well as free quarterly brewing and barista training to all wholesale clients who order at least 5 pounds per week. Get ready to take your coffee game to a whole new level. 

Barista Making Drip Coffee
Coffee Beans

Free Delivery

We offer free weekly or biweekly delivery to wholesale clients in the Sacramento region. We work directly with you to develop a delivery schedule that perfectly meets your coffee needs, so that you are always serving the freshest coffee possible. 

Wholesale Retail Bags

In addition to our standard 5-pound wholesale bags, generate additional profit by adding our wholesale retail bags to your plan. Then, when customers ask where they can purchase a bag of the delicious coffee they are drinking, you can tell them, "right here!"


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